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Oh fuck me! I'm so stupid, ARGH!

A little over a year ago I bought a year-long membership to this gym. Yeah, didn't go so well, dropped it after a few months, but of course I had to pay for a full year.

Yesterday I checked my bank account, and suprise, the direct payments from my account for the health club were still running. Today I called to them to ask when the hell my membership was supposed to expire again, only to learn that hey, my year-long membership hadn't been a fixed-term contract after all, but it automatically continued with a month's term of notice.

The fuckers presented the membership as fixed-term, and them, by law, should expire automatically. But that had been just faking, the automatic continuation reads in the fucking first row in the agreement paper. And the paper I had or course displaced somewhere.

So now I have to pay 200 Euros for nothing! fuckers! So that's were all my money went!


Feb. 5th, 2008 07:04 pm
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%€#&#€€"!!!!!!! :( On the bright side, there isn't any shit in that water, it's just so dirty its black.

Edit: I can't use my toilet! If the people living above use theirs, the shit will be on my floor!! GAAAAHHHH!!!!

Edit: *three hours later* Phew. The pipes are clear, I have again a working toilet and I'm not paying the bill for all this. Too bad that the head of the board of the building and her minions came from nowhere to wonder what was going on and eventually just stomped in. Guess if my flat was super dirty and chaotic?

On other news, after I tried to bid a Clandestine hoodie from eBay, I have so far received *four* offers to buy it "off the record". Four. In three days. Yes, because of course I will send you some hundred and fifty dollars without any guarantees. Yeah, right.
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My domain is down again, which I noticed when my lj's header picture disappeared. Also the whole service provider's site is down again, too. It's really a time to change web hosting provider. Damn. I have heard that it can be tricky if you want to continue with the same domain name.

Went to see "The Queen" with friends last night. It tells a story of how england reacted when Princess Diana dies ten years ago. I can heartily recommend it to everyone. It's good, it has great acting, it mixes fact and fiction, real footage and created one, seamlessly. It probably presents the story more straight-lined that it probably really was, but that's movie making for you.

I've been updating myself with the latest tv, and I got into thinking about how magic works in Supernatural )

The question about higher magic in supernatural remain unanswered so far, and maybe that is better. Still, anyone want so write me that Gifted!Sam and Sorcerer!Dean fic?


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