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Haven't updated for a while. Apologies. I have relieved my work stress by being an amoeba at home. At least now I have my furniture to arrange. Also, check my ion for my newest big fandom love.

I caught a flu on Saturday. After the initial killer headache went away, I have just been reading fic and taking my temperature, varying from 37.49C to 38.80 C. Already ate all the ibuprofen in the house, must change to Panacod now.

Had a nice dinner with my girls (and one boy) on Friday, so you will know who to blame if you'll get sick in London and Cardiff next week. Sorry!
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Happy birthday to Finland. 90 years and counting!

I was supposed to bring some of my stuff from Turku today, but as it was destinated to be doomed (Fortunately we were only in Kirkkonummi when I noticed that I had forgotten the keys..), we turned back and made a gingerbread house castle instead.

That took four hours and two persons to make. Respect!


Nov. 28th, 2007 05:40 pm
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I went to an optician shop today to buy new glasses. She tested my eye sight alright, but I couldn’t order the glasses because my eyesight turned out so bad that she couldn’t let me have them without a doctor’s appointment. My eyesight is “only” -1,5 and +3, but when counting the difference together that makes 4,5 and that’s bad, and when taking to account that the other eye is far sighted and the other is near sighted, that’s really really bad. At least I can put away my worry over my “exploding eye” (caused, allegedly, by my sinuses) after the doctor’s appointment next week.

Finland is the most expensive country to buy glasses. The frames that I chose and the doctor’s appointment are already costing me three hundred, and with some bad luck, the damn lenses will cost the same. I hope that the glasses won’t turn out costing more than my tax returns…
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Because I'm a weirdo :)

That's the newly painted wall on my flat. There is only one checkered wall, otherwise no sane person could live there. That took lots and lots of tape, paint and time. Now I will paint more squares to the lobby then I'm done :)
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I have a mysterious urge to make jewelry. The best thing would be to just wait it out, since as I might be – theoretically- good at inventing my own models and such, in real life I would suck. I just haven’t got the patience to do something that requires small, repetitious and detailed work. And I wouldn’t be satisfied with results looking something that a kid would make in kindergarten, it should look professional.

At the moment I’m thinking something made of scrap book angels, acrylic clay roses, clear glass beads and a silk ribbon. Or making beads out of real candies by molding them in plastic. Yes, I have been attacked by a big, pink bout of cute.

On the other hand, it might be good to get this out of my system. I don’t want to end up like those people who have tons of expensive hand crafting stuff but who don’t really craft anything. And you know those brides-to-be who suddenly develop an obsessive interest towards hand crafting and manage to employ even her friends to make cutesy wedding candies and invitations and such.

Oh well. I just might go to the craft shop to burn some money in my way to home. If I ever manage to finish anything? I will tell you. With pictures.
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This morning there was this typical, well made phishing mail in my inbox: Dear Paypal customer of name we don't know, we have red-flagged your account and would you please go to this fake page via this link and tell us your password, visa card number, social security numer, you ATM pin code and your mother's maiden name. Thanks!

Yesh, right. I copied the fake page's url and informed it to the real Pay Pal. And what was waiting for me in when I got home tonight?

Dear (my real name here),

You have successfully submitted a claim of "Unauthorized Use of My PayPal Account." For your protection, your account access may be limited and all reported transactions pended.

PayPal will begin an investigation into the account, including contact with recipient accounts, corresponding sellers, and/or other victims. If the case is decided in your favor, you will receive a full refund of any reported transactions, as well as any related PayPal fees once the investigation is complete.

PayPal, an eBay Company

Yeah. Thanks for that.


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