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Okay, it seems like sometime, when I wasn't looking, "write a little, have a little fun" became the new standard of AI fic. It's okay publish in a community something that you wrote in twenty minutes just for the hell of it. It's okay if you don't beta, and you can leave fics unfinished if you weren't feeling it, because it's not that serious. Write what you want and post how you want as long as you are having fun, and no oblications to anyone. And people not enjoying your fun can just scroll. And because this is all okay, it's not okay to bark to the authors for it. Community's goal is not anymore to encourage people to do their best, but to encourage people to enjoy and have fun, in any way they choose, and standards to the hell.

In a way I get it and in a way I don't. It seems like in the School of Everything Goes As Long As I'm Having Fun, the fan culture is more and more about "me". My experience, me having fun, me not doing any non-fun things that would make my fic more enjoyable to others. Well, sometimes it is about the community, but not about group effort but group insanity. Which can also be fun and truly, magnificiently, enjoyable, but maybe not so much when you end up these "I just pulled this out of my ass!" fics in your friendslist.

It is an interesting question if the Fun!-style is something that will spread to other, more fic oriented fandoms, or is it something that was born from the unique AI setup where general fans and fic-writing fans are way more mixed together than in "regular" fic fandoms.

Personally I still like more the old school style, where it was allowed for the community to react negatively to, say, people posting fics without lj-cuts. But negativity is not allowed anymore, so, okay then. I love AI and AI fics and I don't like to read only fics via rec lists, so I'll just have to deal, I guess. I would like to see the creative group insanity chanelled to anonymous memes (like I have chanelled mine), drabble drives and things like that, instead of inviting the laissez faire as the new standard and calling it a day, but that's not me to decide.

Okay then. Girls Just Want To Have Fun is a legitimate way to engage oneself in fandom. Fun fun fun. The first thing I'm going to do is stop my Delicious tagging project, because why read anything that isn't fun for me? From now on I will only tag my recs, if that. The second thing? I'll get back to you with it. Maybe I'll take a vacation from commenting or something.
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So, in case someone in my friendslist don't know these songs already: "I Kissed a Girl" is a last summer's surprise (?) hit, sung by Katy Perry. The song rode in the wave of being "racy" and "noty". "I Kissed a Boy" is a cover of the same song with mostly re-written lyrics and performed entirely different way by a band Cobra Starship.

I claim that the Cobra Starship version is queer when the original was not. Why? Let me tell you.

First, here are the songs:

I Kissed a Girl:

I Kissed a Boy:

Let's continue with the lyrics )


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