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For the lack of better way for killing time, I wrote a Finnish Wikipedia article about fan art. For an example pic, I submitted one of my own since I didn't have anything else handy and the English version of the article didn't have pictures and was overall actually really crappy. Shoo, you English people! Write a better one!

edit: Someone took the pic down already. I have nothing against people editing my texts, but maybe they should, like, tell me why?

I also edited the Finnish fan fiction article better but I was pretty half-hearted about it, since I have written a book-of-sorts about the subject and was faced the first time with the problem of not actually wanting to share my creative products for free.

And, about that English language.. I have one question for you: when the article for a word "picture" is a, does the defining word really change it? Like this:

This is a picture
This is an example picture

This is a house
This is an interesting house

And what about this?

How interesting a house

Opinions? Guidance?
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What a girl to do on a Friday night but download Supernatural and Greys Anatomy and swear to not fall asleep before they are done? and, have a flu.

Anyway, I was productive and updated my fan art pages and made the tiny thumbnails for every freaking pic. Not really satisfying to update your page with something like a year old pictures, just because I was too lazy to do it in the first place.

I also re-found SGA StoryFinders. That place is crack. People remember strangest things.

remember that he somehow rigged one of their cars to crash into him or something similar and the other one's car exploded and the steering wheel hit the front door. In at least 1 of these cases McKay made sure they knew hit was him but there was no way they could prove it.

It's set on earth. John saves Rodney from freezing to death. They go to the same high school. Rodney was kicked out of his home by his parents. It ends up McShep. And I think that it's a time travel thing.

Who could resist? ;)


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