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Have I ever written about how I loathe people using "idk" in comments? If you don't care, why the hell are you commenting? I really hope that the song won't be shortened to idk...

EDIT: I have now been informed "idk" it means "I don't know", not "I don't care". I stand corrected. I probably just read it wrong in the first time and have since then read it as I don't care without stopping since. Yeah.

Fall Out boy's new single "I Don't Care" is... good. Not a crown jewel or anything, but good. Also, as I listened the preview to this song like a million times, I also made myself "hear" the song going in other direction just before it was cut off, and now I feel like the song would go "wrong" in this certain point. Also, the lyrics are pretty hilarious. Will want to see Patrick Stump singing them with a straight face.

I almost didn't open the computer this morning. A good thing that I did, since I got I Don't Care to my iPod instead of suffering the whole day with knowing that the song was there but not being able to listen it.

Note to self: The mail attachment with the nice little letter icon in Outlook changes to an un-named file (literally, the file name is "noname") without any hints of what file it's supposed to be when opened in Gmail. The file will open when the extension ".mime" is attached.
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When this picture surfaced over a month ago, I was right away like, "They look like comic book characters!" Yes they do with their tiny size and bulky sneakers. Took me this long to actually try this out. (The background is grey because the actual paper was grey. I had no white paper in the house. How pathetic is that?)

The original pic:

Here is my quick and dirty:

Two )

P.S. I seriously need a drawing tablet.
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Merry almost-holiday-time-before-the-new-year.

Tomorrow I should finally pick up my furniture and stuff from Turku, my previous city. Managed to live without furniture so far, but enough is enough. Anyway, I'm saying "should" instead of "will" because there are some really bad karma against this trip thrown to me already, and I don't believe anything happening until it happens.

Right. I'm loving so much reading Fall Out Boy fics right now. My Chemical Romance is like, hey, nice guys, dramatic enough and they go with almost anyone, but FOB? You have this charismatic, manic, over-sharing, good looking guy, and this brilliant, multitalented ordinary looking shy wunderkid-guy, and their legendary friendship.

And the over-sharing guy goes like this:

    go to quizilla .com search patrick stump and theres this gross story about patrick...........um....yeah
    Asked by ashlee on 2006-04-08 18:35:00
    patrick doesnt do gross things. his body is made up of kittens, saturdays, 70 degree weather, first kisses and butterflies. trust me, i cut that bitch open once to check.
    Answered by peter on 2006-04-08

    Hypothetically asking, Ok, what if one day you woke up and Patrick was not there. Would you be worried?
    Asked by I Didnt Do It on 2005-06-14 19:59:00
    it would make me want to disappear to wherever he was.
    Answered by pete on 2005-06-14

So. Go! Read!

And for shit and giggles, here is a great Misheard lyrics video for Fall Out Boy's This aint a scene, It's an Arms race (the "also into cats" is particularly hilarious):

P.S. There is an automatic spell checker in lj now?
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Hey, I wrote something! This little thing. Yes, I'm surprised, too.

Title: Winter in Chicago
Author: Emmuzka
Fandom: Fall Out Boy RPS Patrick/others, Patrick/Pete.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: My first fic in this fandom and it's a Hooker!AU. Or maybe not an AU. You decide. It's also stuffed with all my personal fic kinks. Let's count them!

Winter in Chicago )


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