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Have I ever written about how I loathe people using "idk" in comments? If you don't care, why the hell are you commenting? I really hope that the song won't be shortened to idk...

EDIT: I have now been informed "idk" it means "I don't know", not "I don't care". I stand corrected. I probably just read it wrong in the first time and have since then read it as I don't care without stopping since. Yeah.

Fall Out boy's new single "I Don't Care" is... good. Not a crown jewel or anything, but good. Also, as I listened the preview to this song like a million times, I also made myself "hear" the song going in other direction just before it was cut off, and now I feel like the song would go "wrong" in this certain point. Also, the lyrics are pretty hilarious. Will want to see Patrick Stump singing them with a straight face.

I almost didn't open the computer this morning. A good thing that I did, since I got I Don't Care to my iPod instead of suffering the whole day with knowing that the song was there but not being able to listen it.

Note to self: The mail attachment with the nice little letter icon in Outlook changes to an un-named file (literally, the file name is "noname") without any hints of what file it's supposed to be when opened in Gmail. The file will open when the extension ".mime" is attached.
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So, in case someone in my friendslist don't know these songs already: "I Kissed a Girl" is a last summer's surprise (?) hit, sung by Katy Perry. The song rode in the wave of being "racy" and "noty". "I Kissed a Boy" is a cover of the same song with mostly re-written lyrics and performed entirely different way by a band Cobra Starship.

I claim that the Cobra Starship version is queer when the original was not. Why? Let me tell you.

First, here are the songs:

I Kissed a Girl:

I Kissed a Boy:

Let's continue with the lyrics )
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So, tell me. What's the story with Karen McFadyyon? She is/was a SGA fic writer who wrote somewhat popular fics. Sometime during 2005-2006 she disappeared and took the fics down with her. Her fics are often asked after in SGA storyfinders, but she contacted the mods and threatened to report the community to lj abuse if any post requesting her fics wouldn't be taken down. (the mods decided to allow requests for private e-mail sends.) Allegedly she has also made known that she would report to LJ anyone requesting her fics.

First, report for what? For just requesting a file transfer action that could hardly be classifeid as illegal file sharing? Does this woman really think that after she has published something in the net, the material would simply disappear for her say so?

And second, why all this? The only reason I could think of is that she has a book deal for original fiction and she would now try to be preventative when it's lready too late. Still, I googled her and I didin't find anything that would suggest that she would be a writer, with the same name or another.

Anyone knows the history in this?


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