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So, tell me. What's the story with Karen McFadyyon? She is/was a SGA fic writer who wrote somewhat popular fics. Sometime during 2005-2006 she disappeared and took the fics down with her. Her fics are often asked after in SGA storyfinders, but she contacted the mods and threatened to report the community to lj abuse if any post requesting her fics wouldn't be taken down. (the mods decided to allow requests for private e-mail sends.) Allegedly she has also made known that she would report to LJ anyone requesting her fics.

First, report for what? For just requesting a file transfer action that could hardly be classifeid as illegal file sharing? Does this woman really think that after she has published something in the net, the material would simply disappear for her say so?

And second, why all this? The only reason I could think of is that she has a book deal for original fiction and she would now try to be preventative when it's lready too late. Still, I googled her and I didin't find anything that would suggest that she would be a writer, with the same name or another.

Anyone knows the history in this?
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For the lack of better way for killing time, I wrote a Finnish Wikipedia article about fan art. For an example pic, I submitted one of my own since I didn't have anything else handy and the English version of the article didn't have pictures and was overall actually really crappy. Shoo, you English people! Write a better one!

edit: Someone took the pic down already. I have nothing against people editing my texts, but maybe they should, like, tell me why?

I also edited the Finnish fan fiction article better but I was pretty half-hearted about it, since I have written a book-of-sorts about the subject and was faced the first time with the problem of not actually wanting to share my creative products for free.

And, about that English language.. I have one question for you: when the article for a word "picture" is a, does the defining word really change it? Like this:

This is a picture
This is an example picture

This is a house
This is an interesting house

And what about this?

How interesting a house

Opinions? Guidance?
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My domain is down again, which I noticed when my lj's header picture disappeared. Also the whole service provider's site is down again, too. It's really a time to change web hosting provider. Damn. I have heard that it can be tricky if you want to continue with the same domain name.

Went to see "The Queen" with friends last night. It tells a story of how england reacted when Princess Diana dies ten years ago. I can heartily recommend it to everyone. It's good, it has great acting, it mixes fact and fiction, real footage and created one, seamlessly. It probably presents the story more straight-lined that it probably really was, but that's movie making for you.

I've been updating myself with the latest tv, and I got into thinking about how magic works in Supernatural )

The question about higher magic in supernatural remain unanswered so far, and maybe that is better. Still, anyone want so write me that Gifted!Sam and Sorcerer!Dean fic?


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