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Making a media analysis at work: When you have hundreds of newspaper articles, there is no other way to control that amount of info than to print every single one. Also, the only way to control that large amount of prints is to make notes - and by hand. So I just wrote 50 pages of notes. Tomorrow I will transfer to use this new invention called computer to write the actual thing.

Welcome to the paperless office...
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My life at the moment: Work, work, work, wait, wait, work, wait, work. Wait, oh, no work, go home.

For shit and giggles, I bought the My Chemical Romance -designed shirt from H&M's special "Celebrities design shirts for AIDS benefit" campaign. (And the shirt isn't bad looking either, I'm wearing it right now at work with a hoodie. This is my pseudo emo teenie carb. I'm so underdressed for work.) Too bad FOB didn't make a shirt. The fun thing is that the MCR's shirt is *for men*. Ha. But, I found out that the H&M male youth sizing, size xl fits me perfectly. Good to know for the next time I want to buy long sleeved t-shirts.
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It’s now a common joke between my workmates in the same room that I’m the It CAN rain every day-woman of the office. I’m not the Everybody’s Best Fried which seems to be the required default attitude here, but I think that’s okay. I’m not dragging anyone down and I never badmouth anyone. I’m just like, an ultra-realist.

My workmates have turned it an inside joke. Like, when I spontaneously blurt out that the new placemats in the conference room are horrible, I will hear “Emma!, Hey!”, (Followed by my hysterical laughter after I realized what I had actually said) or when I after a phone call commented deadpan that Man, I had a rude phone voice (I was attentive!), the response was – yelled at the same time-, “Yes, you had!”


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