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Urk. I suddenly noticed that I haven't posted anything else than fic for a long, long time. Posting fics more than irrational rambling? How is that even possible? So, what's happening: Not much. Same job. Same fandom. Waiting Adam's second album like the second coming.

  • I tried out a new way to create fan content and started a twitter account that links, with only a few hours lag, in all Finnish media about Adam & Sauli. (http://twitter.com/#!/Adam_Sauli_Fin_) That gave me perspective on what's ahead when and if the couple visits Finland; the Finnish media will go GRAZY. Really. In the lack of other sources, medias have taken into writing news after Sauli's blog and mixing them with Adam's tweets. (Sauli bought Finlandia vodka! Sauli fasted four days! This is how Adam jokes with Sauli!) The monikers "Whole Finland's son-in-law" and "Sauli the Sunshine" are already pretty well known here.

  • The current Project runway: What a bunch of dull contestants! and they are cutting the mousy women first. (It's a freaking reality about fashion designers! Should these women know better than to dress like mousy old maids? How about some interesting clothes, or at least a nice haircut!)

    Felt nostalgia listening Fall Out Boy after about a year. "With every breath I wish you'd fall apart again." "I wish I'd hate you half as much I hate myself" etc. Oh the irony.

  • A visit to vet. € = a Louis Vuitton bag, € = half of a mortgage payment. Augh!

  • In a very early morning, I figured out where my latest fic would go, with whole conversations and scenes, didn't write them down, then fell asleep again, forgot them all. Yay me.
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