Jun. 1st, 2009

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This is such a clear case of WTF that I can't help but post about it. Okay, the fic is here, but you need to join the [livejournal.com profile] kradam_ai to read it.

EDIT: Bahleeted!

Anyway, you don't really need to read it, I give you a brief synopsis: The story is Adam/Kris mpreg. When Kris confessed his love and proposed and decided that they would move together, Adam just went with it, and now he feels trapped in his suburban married life with a picket fence and rescue dogs. And when Kris tells him that they will be having a baby, Adam is not thrilled. He has doubts for the whole pregnancy, but after receiving his daughter to his arms for the first time, he feels that everything is alright now, he feels like a husband and a father.

And here comes the WTF, if you didn't already catch it: The whole story was about Adam not being ready to be a dad, and otherwise feeling trapped in his marriage in the suburb, but when he finally sees his daughter, everything is miraculously better. Really? I mean, really?

This is like the clearest case of a writer supporting heteronormative mother role expectations, ever. She actually went there. Wow. So it's okay to feel trapped in your marriage, don't do anything about it, because a baby will save the whole situation! And no matter if you have doubts about being a good parent, because that situation will be magically cured when the baby comes! And everything will be right in the world, and don't you dare to have post partum, because everything will be magically fine again!

This is almost as bad as that legendary SGA fic, where the writer described an abusive relationship and thought herself that it was romantic. The whole fic is like a poster for setting women's rights a hundred years backwards, and it just makes me sad. And kinda angry, too.


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