May. 4th, 2009

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Fic: They Who Say Nothing Will Change Are Dirty Liars
Author: Emmuzka
Genre and pairing: FOB, MCR, Bob/Patrick
Raiting: G
Warnings: Mpreg
Disclaimer: Not true in any way.
Summary: Both of them, Pete thinks, were abducted by aliens and replaced with pod people.

They Who Say Nothing Will Change Are Dirty Liars  )
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  • [ profile] theopteryx threw in an improbatu meme of drawing yourself as a character for MCR's Black Parade video. Nifty! Here is my drawing, which took all five minutes to make:

    Eh, only after I noticed that it was supposed to be more Steam Punk than Pride of Frankenstain, but oh well.

  • Scotch 3M gel super glue is the best glue in the world. don't keep other super glues. Is the most expensive, but those cheap ones that glue themselves shut after the first use are even more expensive.

  • Remember when it was thought that every person in the world would someday have their own homepage? the ancient Geocities homepage hosting will close down sometime this year. Raise hand all who has some ten years old homepage with lost passwords still hanging there...
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