Mar. 23rd, 2009

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What is the best way to relieve stress? Shopping!
What is the easiest way to relieve stress? Internet shopping!

This time, it's handbags. Welcome in, look what I found!

  • The fist contestant is NWT BETSEY JOHNSON RED POLKA BOW FRAME SATCHEL Handbag. Sorry for the capitals, by the way. But isn't it spiffy? I like most of Betsey Johnson bags, and I'm forever trying to find this one model that got away over a year ago. But nah, i don't think that I will bid on that.

  • Then we have the Fashion Korean Pony Gold PU leather Lady's Handbag. Doesn't every woman want to have a handbag shaped like a trojan horse? I'm on a fence with this one. It looks great, but it might end up being some cheap material. And for that, it isn't exactly free.

  • Then how about this? GORGEOUS STYLISH HANDMADE CHINESE SILK HANDBAG. It is gorgeous, and costs like nothing, but no way is it silk. It looks more like a thermal fabric. And it could be a size of a match box. So, nah.

  • This is a fun one! Jonas Brothers Pink Faux Leather Wristlet Handbag NWT. I love the style! If it wasn't a Jonas Brothers merchandise I would have already bought it. But alas, it is. And even I can't claim that the damn bag would be more ironic than moronic.

  • How about an AUTH LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM SPEEDY 35 HANDBAG NR *MPRS*, used, of course. Very pretty, but it will end up too pricey, and buying used status bags is kinda so-and-so in my eyes.

  • And the winner is HUNTER GREEN LEATHER DRAWSTRING LARGE HANDBAG. Just look at it! It's big! It's green! It' shiny! I waaaaant iiiiit! Come here, my precious!

    ..Yes, I have a weird taste. So?
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