Feb. 8th, 2009

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[livejournal.com profile] sosodirty kink fic challenge starts posting the fic and art soon. I participated with three fan art pieces. But, okay; let me tell you this: Making exclicipt fan art is freaky. I personally deciphered the challenge as a request for porn. Like, porny porn. So that I did. Might be left as the only time I tried that.

First of all, I had never thought of how personally creepy it would be to draw a porn picture presenting actual living people. With writing fic, it's always about the characters, real people fic of not, but with drawings (and photo manips), the line gets more blurred than what I'm personally comfortable with. I wouldn't actually want to see porn involving my fannish objects. So, fan art for only to the porn's sake is nothing that I would particularly want to see. And I still produced a few of them.

And another thing; where to publish porny fan art? Under what name? Locked? Unlocked? I don't want to publish them here (though I'm publishing them under this same name in sosodirty) because internet is "forever" and I'm not keeping my lj name particularly secret. The whole thing is leaving me undecided. On one hand, I'm proud of my work (will want to publish them in my name) and on the other hand, I'm not (won't publish them in here or in DevianArt.) Add the ever-lasting argument of "What would they think if they would see it?" and the fact that anyone could actually link my art to forums that I know are read by people close to the persons portrayed... Yeah. I think that will stick to PG from now on.

...Unless someone points me towards a locked art community, that is.


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