May. 12th, 2009

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So, American idol top 3 sings tonight. I'm so emotionally invested in this reality television competition and Adam Lambert that it's ridiculous. I'm like, constantly giddy and feel like I'm anticipating something big. A great feeling, actually.

Anyway. Since I live in Europe I can't vote. Instead I come bearing gifts. I promise a ficlette or a mini mix of mp3's from my music library if you vote Adam Lambert. He is so good and professional, he has staid true to himself in the cookie-cutter competition, and he deserves to win.

Just do it! Drop me a line afterwards to tell me what you would like to have (fandoms; AI, FOB, MCR, PATD, what music you like), and I will deliver!

Comment screened on this one :)
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Comment bitch strikes again: Where do they come from????

My comment:
    1) Use lj-cut. Lj-cut is your friend. If you don't know how, look it up here:〈=

    2) A header is a must. It says so in the community info. they also give you the base for it in here:

    3) Use quotes. You know, "these" ones.

    4) Telling the reader straight who's pow it's supposed to be, instead of it coming through naturally is a poor style choice.

    As long as you don't put it behind a cut tag, or give it a name or a header, and otherwise make it really hard to read by ignoring common writing practices like quotes, I don't think that many will read it, really. fix this and then we'll talk.

I still think that I like this totally clueless person more than the "I know the rules but I don't bother to care"-girl in my last post.

Also: New default icon! Guess two times who it is :)


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