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2011-10-05 09:48 pm

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Dear Fic writer,

Hello! I'm one of those who read your fic but haven't commented (so far). First, a disclaimer: When people talk about commenting, I take it to mean the same as feedback. You asked for comments, and I know plenty of people who think that you should comment only about positive things. So I don't think if you really welcome actual feedback, as you didn't ask for it. But here it goes anyway.

So, no commenting so far. That's because I feel so ambivalent towards this fic. I love the plot and I can't wait for another chapter, but when I get to actually read it, the way it's written dampens down my enthusiasm. You know, the way some words are continuously written wrong (suit/suite), how there are sentences like "I’m wondering are they are going to get us out of here alive", the use of the singer/the finnish boy/they younger man/the soldier instead of their names (a personal pet peewee of mine), the odd writing quirks ("the younger brother looked just like his older brother, only younger") and the instances where people are simply, in my view, out of character (Neil yelling Adam to stop in the first chapter, and Adam being all "oh, hilarious!" about it.) Also, you can't use spit as lube, not if you aren't a masochist.

So every time a see a new chapter I'm all yay! about it, and afterwards I feel only "yeah... end of that chapter." So for my shame I tell you that it's easier to just not comment. I don't think you would enjoy much me being all "How stupid is your Sauli anyway, not seeing the situation?" on you in every single chapter.

Love, Emmuzka
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2011-09-26 07:51 pm

\0/ ! Fall Season !

  • Hawaii Five-O! The Mentalist! Supernatural! Got to love the fall season!
  • X Factor... Meh. I hope that it gets better. I want to get swooped of my feet by some crazy talent that makes me feel personally attached. Not counting on it, though. I already got my Adam Lambert. I also promised to watch X Factor for a friend and then report to her when/if it gets interesting. Another approach would be to wait if there will be buzz about anyone particular, and only after that check him/her out. /believer of the power of social media :)
  • Checked out New Girl and it was entertaining, if a bit too predictable. I kinda liked it, will follow. (for now)
  • Also, I'm waiting for Once Upon a Time. When is it starting again?

    Any other series that you would like to pimp me? I'm open for suggestions \0/ !
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    2011-09-11 08:16 am

    (no subject)

    So. Where is all the Savage Garden and Tears for Fears slash?

    (The problem with getting too comfortable with Delicious and AO3: You miss most of the non-active stuff.)
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    2011-08-29 08:04 pm

    (no subject)

    Urk. I suddenly noticed that I haven't posted anything else than fic for a long, long time. Posting fics more than irrational rambling? How is that even possible? So, what's happening: Not much. Same job. Same fandom. Waiting Adam's second album like the second coming.

  • I tried out a new way to create fan content and started a twitter account that links, with only a few hours lag, in all Finnish media about Adam & Sauli. (http://twitter.com/#!/Adam_Sauli_Fin_) That gave me perspective on what's ahead when and if the couple visits Finland; the Finnish media will go GRAZY. Really. In the lack of other sources, medias have taken into writing news after Sauli's blog and mixing them with Adam's tweets. (Sauli bought Finlandia vodka! Sauli fasted four days! This is how Adam jokes with Sauli!) The monikers "Whole Finland's son-in-law" and "Sauli the Sunshine" are already pretty well known here.

  • The current Project runway: What a bunch of dull contestants! and they are cutting the mousy women first. (It's a freaking reality about fashion designers! Should these women know better than to dress like mousy old maids? How about some interesting clothes, or at least a nice haircut!)

    Felt nostalgia listening Fall Out Boy after about a year. "With every breath I wish you'd fall apart again." "I wish I'd hate you half as much I hate myself" etc. Oh the irony.

  • A visit to vet. € = a Louis Vuitton bag, € = half of a mortgage payment. Augh!

  • In a very early morning, I figured out where my latest fic would go, with whole conversations and scenes, didn't write them down, then fell asleep again, forgot them all. Yay me.
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    2011-07-27 05:21 am

    Sauli Koskinen's interview in Voltti, February 2008

    My sister did some cleaning up and asked me if I wanted an old magazine with Sauli on the cover. Boy did I! You have probably seen the pictures before, but maybe not the whole text. Voltti is a Finnish Gay magazine. The interview was made in January 2008, soon after Sauli won his season of Big Brother Finland.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Voltti Feb/March 2008

    Cover: Big Brother's Sauli - The gentleman of reality television

    A young Gentleman

    Sauli Koskinen lived the last fall in the reality television's 24/7 camera survalence like a gentleman and smile on his face. He charmed the whole Finland. Now the big Brother -winner is getting back to his regular life and using a calendar again. Sauli wants to become a stylist.

    It's a dark Monday night in January, and Helsinki is suffering through a snow storm. Barefooted, tanned Sauli Koskinen, the latest winner of Sub-tv channel's reality television series Big Brother, sits on a warm and beautiful looking sofa in a one room flat in Töölö. On the windowsil stands a framed photograph, taken by a friend: Elegantly dressed Sauli bends backwards in a solo dance. On the floor lays a pillow that is familiar to the the most dedicated BB-fans. Sauli's Father bought it for his son from the Big Brother house's charity auction.

    Sauli holds pairs of pink and violet shoestrings on his lap. He offers a pair of black boots to look at.

    "Tell me, which ones should I put on these?"

    Both colors would fit in Sauli's T-shit print and his wristband. The deliberately casually dressed man in his hat and trashed jeans could be swiped from his sofa at home straight to the hottest parties; the only thing yet lacking is getting his shoes on.

    Sauli is just as real, relaxed and happy as what he was in television screens. The young man, turning 23 in the spring, boyish charm is complemented with a manly edge of no need whatsoever to act snobbish. Sauli trusts his own skill in valuating situations and people.

    "I have never been able to think myself as a particularly positive or social character. I just happen to be like this."

    Sauli is single, but he has experiences in longer dating and also for living together as a couple. He has grown to be a social person in his childhood. In his childhood in Hyvinkää, the boy's favorite things was to play children's games in their house's yard with his twin sister and the neighborhood kids. As a teenager, Sauli liked to go to Helsinki to party around. About five years ago, after he turned eighteen and after living in the Canary Islands for a short awhile, Sauli moved to Helsinki. He took a job frying burgers in Hesburger (translator's note: Hesburger is a local equivalent to McDonald's).

    "Schools just weren't for me. I get along without, with experiences and connections. The burger joint job got me right away a lot of new friendships. A couple of years later I transfered to sell clothes in Spirit Store."

    The customers of the clothing store and his sisters encouraged Sauli to apply to Big Brother, which he had himself followed in previous seasons.

    "I dreamed that it would be me walking through that black corridor, the background music playing, that they use for the ousters of the contestants," Sauli laughs. "Only that my dream never did get true, as for the winner, the corridor was brightly lit and there was no music!"

    The four-stage applying process went so well that Sauli had decided to quit his job even before the process ended. "I just trusted the feeling that I would get in it."

    His mother encouraged strongly for his son that was now dipping himself into the reality tv production world. The Big Brother format was familiar to her beforehand. "My dad, though, didn't know a lot about the show before. When I left to start at the BB house, he said "lets keep in touch" - dad didn't know that the contestants are kept completely isolated from the surrounding world. However he got very enthusiastic about it and even followed the 24-hour tv-channel."

    Along with his family, Sauli's success was followed with a great enthusiasm also in his favorite bar Dtm (translator's note: Dtm is a gay bar/club in Helsinki). The bar produced a bottle of sparkling wine for every week that Sauli stayed in the BB house. Eventually the bottles were so many that Dtm had to reserve a separate shelf for them. That got cleaned in the New Years with Sauli and his friends.

    Sauli felt good living in the BB House.

    "If anything, I was left missing for the parties we had and the team spirit. We genuinely had fun. Production issues were banned topics in the house, so we made up pseudonyms. Cameras were "flies", and in the warm showers we pretended that the water was cold so that the producers wouldn't notice that they had forgotten to turn off the heat. My experience was that the people in the house were quite themselves - it would be really hard to keep up a role 24/7. When running character roles came as challenges, like in the pissis-challenge, then we adopted roles. (translator's note: Pissis is a term for teenage girls who try to act and look sexy and know-it-all, but end up looking and behaving like stupid teenie pact-animals.)

    Sauli tells that he learned patience in the house. That has been needed after his win in the real world, too. For example, in the first three days after his win, he slept only two and a half hours -combined.

    "This time after the BB has been a bit chaotic. Sometimes it feels like this wouldn't be my life that I'm living, but all this has still been really wonderful."

    Sauli is very aware that the publicity from BB should be utilized in a very fast pace. He already has a sole proprietor name, of which bookkeeping his father is helping with.

    "For the first time in my life I had to buy myself a calendar to keep up with all the interviews and projects. Only after all this will be a bit settled down, I will know how the BB experience changed me. It sure feels funny when people recognize me. When I went to the house, I was like anyone else in the street, but now people recognize me, throw greetings, come to talk or yell after me. Sometimes I don't even know if I know the person greeting me or not. Some people also have come to me to open up for their own lives. I haven't experienced these encounters as awkward and they don't feel uncomfortable, but for example, I couldn't go out with a hangover anymore."

    In big Brother, Sauli was also open about his sexual preference. It didn't effect, at least negatively, in his popularity among the voters.

    "I went to the house with a principle that if anyone asks, I'll answer honestly."

    One of the most moving moments in big Brother was the phone call that Sauli got to the house, where his sister told that he had a new nephew. Sauli, moved to tears, saw the baby later through a video camera. The little one spend his Christmas with Sauli and the rest of the family in Hyvinkää and on January, Sauli became the godfather of the boy.

    The big Brother contestants have kept in touch after the show. The finalist quartet Sauli, Kadi, Niko and Riitta with her daughter, trawled to Tenerife soon after the contest was over. Also Farbod, that has previously left the show, joined them. Later the same bunch also gathered in Sauli's place in Hyvinkää, of which yard can be found the same kind of open air bath barrel. (translator's nore: Kind of like a jacuzzi, only more rustic.) The group also went together in Kaija Koo's concert.

    "No-one else than a person living in that house could truly understand the experience, so for that aspect, too, it's nice that we have kept in touch," Sauli tells.

    Sauli and Niko have become especially good friends. The friends are already taking event host duties and the men also dream of continuing their tv careers.

    "A job of a stylist and fashion interest me and I hope that I could somehow combine these and a tv work," Sauli tells about his future vision. "I think that it would be a cool idea to pick people from the street and re-style them, show them that other styles of dressing up would be available. Then they could choose if they would want to continue with their former styles of with mine."
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    2010-10-26 07:41 pm

    My life as a list.

  • Why there are so many Adam/Tommy vampire fics around all of a sudden? What ignited them?

  • Got to try playing Angry Birds the first time on the weekend on a friend's phone. Loved it! That game is addictive! Too bad that my phone is so old that apps are a big NO.

  • In a meeting today we were served open sandwiches that had salmon and vanilla cream cheese in them. It wasn't even a mistake, as the cream cheese was garnished with pieces of genuine vanilla. Blargh. I'm all for new flavor combinations but that was seriously not good.

  • Please someone, tell me: How does one change the background on Twitter? Where the hell does it read how to do that?
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    2010-10-17 09:57 pm
    Entry tags:

    Fic: Son of a gun, Adam/OMC, Mature

    Fic: Son of a Gun
    Author: Emmuzka
    Pairing: Adam/OMC
    Rating: Mature
    Length: < 700 words
    Warnings: Detailed violence, triggering for non-con
    Summary: "Take it, and make it good." The man didn't sound impatient now, more like amused. Entertained. "You show my gun a good time and maybe I don't use it on you, okay?"
    For [profile] aianonlovefest prompt Adam is forced to fellate a gun.

    Son of a Gun
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    2010-10-12 09:07 pm

    Long time no see

  • Got my Adam Lambert t-shirts on the mail today. Yay! (the checkered retro one and the Eye of Horus one) The size was a good guess (although I seem to live now in an alternative universe where size M is a bit loose for me.) and the printing was quality, but the shirts themselves? What a shitty quality! Why they use some threadbare crappy shirts made in Pakistan? Would it have killed them to use some basic Fruit of the Loom or Hanes?

  • My new show is White Collar. It's a lot like Mentalist, except lighter, with poorer plots and less charismatic main character actor. (Matt Boomer) Yeah, I don't know why I watch it, either. It has some pretty good fic in AO3? And it has Tim DeKay, an actor from the school of been-in-every-show-on-earth, whose name you probably don't know but who you would recognize in the second you'd see him.

  • Work is totally kicking my ass. I'm not sure anymore if my client is even human.

  • I should start a new fic to get something new to think about. I already plotted one fantasy AU, and then I noticed that the premise was exactly the same as in a certain X-files fic that I read... over then years ago. Oops.
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    2010-09-30 07:28 am
    Entry tags:

    Fic: That's Cute, Baby 1/1, PG, Kris/Adam

    I totally forgot my decision to cross-post all my lj stuff. Oops! No harm done, except that contradicts my decision to move to Dreamwidth when the next big shoe drops. Well, anyway, for continuity's sake, I repost my fic entry from two weeks ago:

    Fic! This was my take on writing a "non-mpreg mpreg", meaning that I tried to avoid all the cliches and "mandatory" plot twists. So, okay, I included one cliche. But the idea is there.

    Title: That's Cute, Baby
    Fandom: AI RPF, Adam Lambert
    Pairing: Adam/Kris
    Author: Emmuzka
    Rating: PG
    Length: 14 000 words
    Warnings: AU, Mpreg
    Summary: The wine tasted like crap, and the stick turned blue. Well. Shit. Adam Lambert, an L.A. nobody, was expecting American Idol Kris Allen's illegitimate baby.
    Notes: Originally written for the AI anon lovefest. The prompt asked a fluffy and cute mpreg, with a scene where Kris drops to his knees and talks to the baby tummy. I dropped the fluff and focused on cute, but with a twist.

    Click to read the fic in AOO
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    2010-01-24 07:26 pm

    Down the slippery slope

    Uhhuh. It looks like LJ is now selling ad space for fake virus warning -malware ads.

    What next? Porn banners to accounts that are marked "adult content"?
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    2009-11-27 10:34 am

    Adam, AMA, ABC, CBS, WTF?

    ABC hosts Chris Brown after cancelling Adam Lambert

    So, ABC Network, after canceling Adam's morning show concert since they seemingly had trust issues of Adam being able to deliver a G-rated concert, will only a week later air, in the exact same spot, an interview and a performance of a convicted woman-beater? What were they smoking?

    ABC made a big mistake of seeing things only from their viewpoint. As they see it, Adam can no longer be trusted to perform live because he is unpredictable. On the other hand, Brown's interview is pre-taped and therefore under their control. So no problems for them! Right?

    No. What they forgot is how all this looks on the outside, what message it gives. They are supposed to be media professionals, for fuck sake! ABC gave a statement addressing the issue, saying that the Chris Brown appearance had been already booked. What a lame excuse. Adam's concert had been already booked too, but they didn't have problems canceling that. Also, as Brown's interview was pre-taped, it would have been actually easier to just move it forward a week or two.

    I believe that their reason for Adam's cancellation truly was their zero-tolerance policy for uninformed live stunts. They both felt like Adam couldn't be trusted, and that they saw a some kind of punishing act to be in order to give out a message that ABC was not accepting the AMA stunt. The idea of Adam not being reliable for live shows is actually a bad thing if it spreads wider.

    And ABC's final slap in the face for goodbye? As we know it, ABC actually kept the info about the cancellation for several hours from Adam and his management because Adam was giving an interview to ABC's Barbara Walters. So they kept quiet until the interview was over and only then told that hey, no concert tomorrow how about that. (At least I get a certain kind of glee from thinking the financial losses they suffered from the cancellation.)

    CBS, who snatched Adam for their morning show, did a generally good job in arranging the appearance in a mere hours of time, but even they enforced the double standard. While re-capping the AMA show, they blurred the Adam/Tommy kiss but seconds later, broadcasted the Madonna/Britney kiss, giving a message that showing two females kissing is okay but showing to males kissing isn't. (one insightful article noted that woman/woman kissing is not seen bad because it's for the entertainment of straight male audience, but male/male kiss is bad because it makes the straight male audience uncomfortable, and entertains people who don't matter in the society; women and gay males.)

    Again, the television station only saw it from their viewpoint and forgot the big picture. They gave out an explanation saying that Madonna/Britney kiss picture was a time tested and standard, i.e. showing that couldn't get them in trouble. However, the Adam/tommy kiss was so fresh that they couldn't take a chance of it leading to legal troubles. Yeah, they totally didn't see the big picture of how it all would look like. And again, these are supposed to be media professionals? They could have left out the Madonna/Britney pic altogether to avoid the comparison. Without comparison pic, no-one would have complained the blurring in the morning show.

    But when all this is giving a heartburn to a fan, it could end up as a success. Adam's album came out on Monday. The AMA show was on Sunday night. This is the about of publicity in this week:

    That amount of publicity will probably translate to sales numbers, which were originally estimated to be about 225 000 units but are now expected to rise. (To give some context: Kris Allen's CD sold 80 000 in its first week, low for an American Idol debut but almost the highest of Jive Record's 2009 albums. Susan Boyle is expected to be the year's comet with estimated 500 000-700 000 albums sold.)

    And for ending this on a bright note, here is a super cute clip of Adam using a bedazzler:

    Just how precious is that?
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    2009-11-25 06:35 am


    It's hilarious that after all the AMA/ABC/GMA -fuckery, I'm looking a dude in a waist-cincher and think that well, he *could* be gayer in this... But a great video! Not art or anything really ground breaking, but interesting and sexy, giving lots to look at; something that I would love to own as a high quality DVD version :D
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    2009-11-17 05:39 pm


    Adam's whole album streamed so that also us Europeans can listen to it: http://apps.facebook.com/ilike/artist/Adam+Lambert

    Excellent songs, though I still don't understand why it was decided to publish Whataya Want From Me as a second single at the same time with For Your entertainment. In old times, pushing another songs used to be a panic reaction for the fear that the first song was a wrong choice. Now I heard that its quite common. Go figure (And Sleepwalker or Broken Open would have been a better choice, imho.)

    I also listened "Take One", the compilation of songs that Adam lend his voice when he was a studio singer for hire. Wow he can sing low! Otherwise, those are like the most boring songs ever. Just, boring boring boring.

    Also, ontd_ai is now open for new members. Check it out, if nothing else but gaining an access to Adam community Hooplamagnet through the ontd_ai membership.
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    2009-11-03 06:45 pm

    (no subject)

    Adam's song snippets are now online! Yay!!!

    Quick assessment:

    Loved: Music Again, FYE, Strut, Soaked, A Loaded Smile, Fever, Sleepwalker, Broken Open

    Still on the fence: Aftermath, Sure fire Winners

    Blah: Whadaya Want From Me, If I Had You, Pick U Up

    Needs to be singles: Fever, and then Broken Open
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    2009-10-28 09:43 am

    (no subject)

    Adam's album cover is so craptastic that I love it. The make-up! The horrible fonts! The space background! The 80s aesthetic! It looks like an album cover equivalent for a badfic that you are really hooked into.

    I want it on a t-shirt, asap. (and then I can pretend to be ironic while wearing it.) The only things missing from the cover are the intensely staring wolves, dolphins leaping over full moon and unicorns shooting rainbows from their asses.

    In RL things... The VLCD dieting is getting a hold of me. I felt so crappy yesterday that I left work an hour early, bought some real food (well, if plain rice cakes, lettuce and low-fat turkey cold cuts counts as real food), and skipped both my drawing course and my daily exercise. I felt so much better after eating something semi-substantial. 11 days left!
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    2009-10-22 07:58 pm

    (no subject)

    How hilarious is it that the most risque version of Adam Lambert's Details magazine photo shoot session was reported in Finnish Viihdeuutiset? This version is too porny for E! entertainment, but it's a part of an afternoon whatever-programming in Finland :D

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    2009-10-14 05:08 pm

    (no subject)

    As most of you already know, in about three weeks I'm going to undergo a gastric bypass surgery. Yes, the most invasive and most efficient method for fixing this little problem called being morbidly obese. But don't worry, I'm not going to turn this into a dieting blog, I promise not to annoy you too much!

    Anyway. To the topic of the day. The weird thing in all this is that even when the private clinic doing this is very good at what they do (and a really fucking expensive, too), they haven't actually offered this type of service before. As re-arranging one's internal organs is more challenging than inserting plastic boobs, they imported a highly experienced Swedish surgeon to be their man man. And it kind of looks like they called it a day after that, because they are so freaking loss with some things. They obviously started booking patients before they refined the procedure. None of them had thought beforehand that maybe their patient would like to have a written agreement on what would be done and what would be included on the price. Actually, I learned today that they don't have ready information packages on pretty much anything.

    And the most brilliant WTF is this: First they said that the operation would be done as a day surgery. Totally a piece of cake; in in the morning, under the knife, 12 hour supervision and home for the night! Sounds too good to be true, since I learned that the probability that I would be in any shape to be released then was practically nil. No-one does this as a day-surgery in Finland. Today I questioned this, and hey, about that; actually they decided after my last meet that it would be a two-day thing. (Which is a good thing because it was starting to look like they would be scamming people with giving an artificially low price for a one-day surgery while knowing that it wouldn't be possible.) Okay, good.

    A new meet in a week with the nurse. I sincerely hope that they have all their notes straight by then.
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    2009-10-13 12:06 pm

    (no subject)

    I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, like I sometimes do. This time, however, I got an idea that while I was awake anyway, I could check my e-mail and comunities from my phone without actually getting up.

    So I did. In the middle of the night.

    My internet addiction has reached its new low, methinks...

    On a totally unrelated note, here is my new pop-culture wet dream: It's NEVER going to happen, but would it be cool if Cassidy Haley would participate in Project Runway, and on the same season, Adam Lambert would be the challenge-guy? And Cassidy would be like, "Oh, I know him, we're friends", and all the other designers would be "I WILL CUT YOU" because of it? :D
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    2009-09-28 10:44 am
    Entry tags:

    Fun fun fun

    Okay, it seems like sometime, when I wasn't looking, "write a little, have a little fun" became the new standard of AI fic. It's okay publish in a community something that you wrote in twenty minutes just for the hell of it. It's okay if you don't beta, and you can leave fics unfinished if you weren't feeling it, because it's not that serious. Write what you want and post how you want as long as you are having fun, and no oblications to anyone. And people not enjoying your fun can just scroll. And because this is all okay, it's not okay to bark to the authors for it. Community's goal is not anymore to encourage people to do their best, but to encourage people to enjoy and have fun, in any way they choose, and standards to the hell.

    In a way I get it and in a way I don't. It seems like in the School of Everything Goes As Long As I'm Having Fun, the fan culture is more and more about "me". My experience, me having fun, me not doing any non-fun things that would make my fic more enjoyable to others. Well, sometimes it is about the community, but not about group effort but group insanity. Which can also be fun and truly, magnificiently, enjoyable, but maybe not so much when you end up these "I just pulled this out of my ass!" fics in your friendslist.

    It is an interesting question if the Fun!-style is something that will spread to other, more fic oriented fandoms, or is it something that was born from the unique AI setup where general fans and fic-writing fans are way more mixed together than in "regular" fic fandoms.

    Personally I still like more the old school style, where it was allowed for the community to react negatively to, say, people posting fics without lj-cuts. But negativity is not allowed anymore, so, okay then. I love AI and AI fics and I don't like to read only fics via rec lists, so I'll just have to deal, I guess. I would like to see the creative group insanity chanelled to anonymous memes (like I have chanelled mine), drabble drives and things like that, instead of inviting the laissez faire as the new standard and calling it a day, but that's not me to decide.

    Okay then. Girls Just Want To Have Fun is a legitimate way to engage oneself in fandom. Fun fun fun. The first thing I'm going to do is stop my Delicious tagging project, because why read anything that isn't fun for me? From now on I will only tag my recs, if that. The second thing? I'll get back to you with it. Maybe I'll take a vacation from commenting or something.
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    2009-09-27 09:24 pm

    (no subject)

    The pre-order page for Adam Lambert's yet-to-be-named album is up in play.com, for 11.99€ plus free delivery. Holy fuck that's cheap!