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Dear Fic writer,

Hello! I'm one of those who read your fic but haven't commented (so far). First, a disclaimer: When people talk about commenting, I take it to mean the same as feedback. You asked for comments, and I know plenty of people who think that you should comment only about positive things. So I don't think if you really welcome actual feedback, as you didn't ask for it. But here it goes anyway.

So, no commenting so far. That's because I feel so ambivalent towards this fic. I love the plot and I can't wait for another chapter, but when I get to actually read it, the way it's written dampens down my enthusiasm. You know, the way some words are continuously written wrong (suit/suite), how there are sentences like "I’m wondering are they are going to get us out of here alive", the use of the singer/the finnish boy/they younger man/the soldier instead of their names (a personal pet peewee of mine), the odd writing quirks ("the younger brother looked just like his older brother, only younger") and the instances where people are simply, in my view, out of character (Neil yelling Adam to stop in the first chapter, and Adam being all "oh, hilarious!" about it.) Also, you can't use spit as lube, not if you aren't a masochist.

So every time a see a new chapter I'm all yay! about it, and afterwards I feel only "yeah... end of that chapter." So for my shame I tell you that it's easier to just not comment. I don't think you would enjoy much me being all "How stupid is your Sauli anyway, not seeing the situation?" on you in every single chapter.

Love, Emmuzka
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