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  • Hawaii Five-O! The Mentalist! Supernatural! Got to love the fall season!
  • X Factor... Meh. I hope that it gets better. I want to get swooped of my feet by some crazy talent that makes me feel personally attached. Not counting on it, though. I already got my Adam Lambert. I also promised to watch X Factor for a friend and then report to her when/if it gets interesting. Another approach would be to wait if there will be buzz about anyone particular, and only after that check him/her out. /believer of the power of social media :)
  • Checked out New Girl and it was entertaining, if a bit too predictable. I kinda liked it, will follow. (for now)
  • Also, I'm waiting for Once Upon a Time. When is it starting again?

    Any other series that you would like to pimp me? I'm open for suggestions \0/ !
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