Oct. 12th, 2010

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  • Got my Adam Lambert t-shirts on the mail today. Yay! (the checkered retro one and the Eye of Horus one) The size was a good guess (although I seem to live now in an alternative universe where size M is a bit loose for me.) and the printing was quality, but the shirts themselves? What a shitty quality! Why they use some threadbare crappy shirts made in Pakistan? Would it have killed them to use some basic Fruit of the Loom or Hanes?

  • My new show is White Collar. It's a lot like Mentalist, except lighter, with poorer plots and less charismatic main character actor. (Matt Boomer) Yeah, I don't know why I watch it, either. It has some pretty good fic in AO3? And it has Tim DeKay, an actor from the school of been-in-every-show-on-earth, whose name you probably don't know but who you would recognize in the second you'd see him.

  • Work is totally kicking my ass. I'm not sure anymore if my client is even human.

  • I should start a new fic to get something new to think about. I already plotted one fantasy AU, and then I noticed that the premise was exactly the same as in a certain X-files fic that I read... over then years ago. Oops.
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