Oct. 14th, 2009

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As most of you already know, in about three weeks I'm going to undergo a gastric bypass surgery. Yes, the most invasive and most efficient method for fixing this little problem called being morbidly obese. But don't worry, I'm not going to turn this into a dieting blog, I promise not to annoy you too much!

Anyway. To the topic of the day. The weird thing in all this is that even when the private clinic doing this is very good at what they do (and a really fucking expensive, too), they haven't actually offered this type of service before. As re-arranging one's internal organs is more challenging than inserting plastic boobs, they imported a highly experienced Swedish surgeon to be their man man. And it kind of looks like they called it a day after that, because they are so freaking loss with some things. They obviously started booking patients before they refined the procedure. None of them had thought beforehand that maybe their patient would like to have a written agreement on what would be done and what would be included on the price. Actually, I learned today that they don't have ready information packages on pretty much anything.

And the most brilliant WTF is this: First they said that the operation would be done as a day surgery. Totally a piece of cake; in in the morning, under the knife, 12 hour supervision and home for the night! Sounds too good to be true, since I learned that the probability that I would be in any shape to be released then was practically nil. No-one does this as a day-surgery in Finland. Today I questioned this, and hey, about that; actually they decided after my last meet that it would be a two-day thing. (Which is a good thing because it was starting to look like they would be scamming people with giving an artificially low price for a one-day surgery while knowing that it wouldn't be possible.) Okay, good.

A new meet in a week with the nurse. I sincerely hope that they have all their notes straight by then.


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