Sep. 16th, 2009

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Last night was the last American Idol live tour concert. Due to the time difference and me going to work at 7.00 AM I totally missed the cell cast and party posts and shit, oh noes. :( But all the feel good in ONTD_AI and collected pics and media in Gossip Candy makes up for it. And of course I have my RL slash fiends to squee with :)

American Idol Season 8 is now over, but we still have the stars that the television show brewed. We'll have individual Kris and Adam, but not canon kradam that much. But I believe that even though the public material might not show it, the friendship of Adam and Kris is real and a friendship like that just doesn't go away when the limelight turns away.

I have every intention to watch Season 9 from the first episode, even though it has a snowball's chance in hell to be as good and as personally enjoyable as the last one. I both love and hate the Idol machine. For example, in this year there were only 2 black persons and 2 other ethnic persons in Top 13. Why? Because they had a blind dude and an obviously gay guy to fill the minority slots. What's next? The one-armed man? (Only that the gay guy ended up being the next big thing that they were looking for, and against all the producer effort, the canon fodder nice guy ended up winning the whole deal.)

In a few weeks comes Kris single, and Adam's single, and Adam's other single, and all the promotional hoopla. And then come the albums and in January Season 9 starts... I love my fandom. I'm not even near enough wanting to move forward <3

p.s. I had my first live model drawing course session last night, and man, we all totally suck.


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