Sep. 6th, 2009

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Okay, and again I'm at this, but hey, what kind of comment is "Please write more"? I have wondered this. And with this fic as an example, I can see clearly what it is all about.

(Note that in her original notes, she wrote "I do NOT abandon fics when I know people like it, so if you like this, please comment!". Later she changed it to "Feedback is welcomed, comments are love, and hope you enjoy!")

In [ profile] kradam_ai, people are commenting pretty much every fic out there, and with carbon copy comments, because of the fear that otherwise the author might abandon the fic. It's irritating that this kind of -style blackmail has moved in with AI fandom. I thought that that kind of immature bahavior was left behind in fandom, but I guess I was wrong. And the worst thing aren't the authors who do that, but that instead of bitchslapping the author for her attempted blackmail, the readers go along with it.

I know the canned response that I will probably receive from the author, if any (edit: she didn't respond.): What would be the point in continuing if there is no proof that anyone reads of enjoys it? Well, yes, but what about the people who will find your fic a year after this? You thought that you could leave them hanging just because you didn't receive enought praise then?

And because I want to, I publish here a a comment thread that I started in the entry I linked above, that, quelle suprse, got deleted. (Granted, we both gave the author a permission to do that.) It's basically the same thing that I wrote above, so feel free to skip. )

Ha. When I previously bitched and moaned about [ profile] kradam_ai, my friends advised me to slowly back away. I was like, "I can't! I'm emotionally invested!" And now some of these same friends are embracing the same fandom and they totally understand why we don't leave :)

And for the fun of it: The author of this is 25 and she tells her info page that she LOVES ENGLISH AND IS VERY BOOKISH WANNA BE DIRECTOR/WRITER. Well, good luck with that. Maybe you should start with putting spaces between characters?


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