Aug. 22nd, 2009

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Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come: There are actual good fic produced steadily in AI fandom right now.

Here, look:

Also, be sure to check Rolling Stone's new Adam & Kris pics, they are absolutely wonderful! Kradam Gold!

Other AI-related thing that's pretty interesting: Adam Lambert decided to jump in the charity work bus, but being a sensible person, he didn't just develop a foundation from nowhere but instead chose an already up and running charity. The charity is, which collects money for different school-related projects. The thing is that the giver can choose an individual project and also get updates on how things are going. It's all very transcendent, and tax-reducible if you live in USA.

To make people donate, they created a competition between different Adam fan groups. The winner will get a chat with Adam and what else. But what is interesting in this is the different strategies the groups are collecting money. For example, Gossip Candy, outside just asking people to donate, will soon open a Caffe Press store with the proceeding going to the charity. She will also put into auction some really nifty Adam-related pieces like accessories (from the same maker that made the looks-like-a-cock-ring-with-bondage-straps -glove, that was actually made of actual cock ring and bondage straps.)

But, "my" fan group ontd_ai has a completely different strategy: Their rule is that all private money collecting or selling stuff is forbidden. All donations are to be given straight to the charity. This sounds a bit restricted, but think about it: Have you ever heard about the scams where fan people have collected money for one purpose or another, and then one with the money has mysteriously disappeared? Or a person tells a story about her stolen this-or-that and people give her money without asking proof? If a private person auctions off something for charity, how do we know that the money ends up where it is promised? I think that it's a great idea that [ profile] ontd_ai_gives encourages only for straight, individual donating. It's a pre-emptive maneuver against wankery.

You want to help some kids that have the back luck of being raised in the American school system? Support Adam's charity? For shit and giggles? No minimum amount, and it's all tax-reducible if you live in USA. Here is the link, using this link to donate makes your donation counted in ontd_ai's "account": Adam's Challenge


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