Jul. 25th, 2009

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I'm chilling in Germany :) I'm visiting my sister and her family who live near Nurnberg. The whole little village is so stereotypically German that it's hilarious. All living is supposed to be so freaking eco-friendly, but you'll need two cars to get anywhere. Getting rid of your trash is like an art form, because the recycling fees are o high. Only this year the local administration ruled that children over one year but younger than three are eliglible for kindergarten. So there is now an actual opportunity for women with children to work - at least untill your kids start school, after which the families are again left on their own trying to deal with kids without provided afternoon care.

My sis has an internet connection, but there is no broadband. There is none awailable! In the middle of Europe! And there is like a queue to the computer all the time, so I'm checking things out with my cell phone, too. The data transmission costs 15 cents for 50k, so it costs something like one Euro to refresh my friends page. To be paid by my employer. Do I care? No, I don't care.

Last year, when I visited, my visit was in the middle of a heat wave, so the currrent 24 degrees Celcius is like a cool fresh summer day compared to last the year's 34C. It's so pleasant in here.

Also, this is a land of ticks. The summer house gest living in the backroom is going tomorrow to get the meds for borreliosis. O_O

Just before I left, I decided to participate in the [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai's Fake AI movie trailer contest. I'm so eager to get my project finished on time, even when I have a measly couple of days left when I'll get back. My first vid ever! And even when I have a nice iMovie program, I don't know exately how to use it. The tutorial is basically useless. But I'll hope I'll get something done because I'm so stoked about it. :D


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