Jul. 16th, 2009

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So, I gave in and started to write a sequel to Visit. Angst, here I come.

Anyway. What is interesting is that I have at some point developed a fear towards a blank canvas, meaning in this case, a blank Word document. I just can't start anything straight in it. Instead I write to Mac's Stickies notes, or honest to god blank paper that I keep in my night stand for exact that purpose. It actually makes my text a lot better if I first write it by hand, almost straight from my brains to paper, and then only after I type it down, doing some major editing and adding in the process.

I have said this before, but I totally can't understand people who start from the first paragraph and then continue along with the plot and the physical order of words to the end. I think it cripples creative writing, to try to just "write up" a story that's supposedly already ready in your head. It's like when we wrote Finnish language essays in school by hand; you had to start from the start and continue to the end, because there were no text editing or re-writing. No wonder fiction was so much harder to write than non-fiction, then.

I also really can't understand people who write fics as chapters. Sometimes it's a great idea to post a fic in chapters, or even start posting the fic before it's entirely betaed, but writing it as it goes? How does that actually even work? Could someone explain this to me? Could someone at least point me to a space where I could decently ask someone to explain this to me, without it turning into a wank?

Also, new default icon! Adam Lambert has angel wings in his ass, your argument is invalid!


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