Jul. 8th, 2009


Jul. 8th, 2009 08:53 pm
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  • Celebrated the start of my long-ass vacation with not leaving my flat the whole day. Instead I dug up some fabric paints and came up with this:

    There is a shit-load of glitter in there, by the way, it just doesn't photograph well.

  • For reasons not explored here, I ended up drawing a picture for Bandom Big Bang that I really didn't like, and then I had to submit it because I ran out of time to make a better one. I just sent it, without even author's notes. Before today, I thought that the fic the picture was made for had ended up in some fic limbo and took the pic with it, but now I did a Delicious vanity search and found it. Here. I know. I'm ashamed.

  • I broke my nail in my right middle finger, and because I keep them long and type with my nails, now it feels like I would have my middle finger amputated one centimeter shorter. Yaiks!

  • I have this fic going on that is total indulgent rubbish. And of course even the short notes of how the plot will go is over 4 000 words. Yay me. I might need a sock puppet for posting this shit if I'll ever get it finished ...
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