Jun. 20th, 2009

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  • Happy midsummer festives everyone! I'm spending the Finnish national holiday of Charred Grill Sausages and Booze with a friend, watching American Idol Season 6 and talking fic. Oh man, the season truly sucked compared to S7 and especially S8. Also, it seems like we learn so quickly; three judges already seem so odd!

  • If anyone has access to AI Seasons 2&3, do tell! These are so under a rock, we can't find them anywhere.

  • couple days ago the said friend betaed my latest AI fic. It was pretty hilarious that she was like, "I'm going to absolutely honest with you: This fic sucks, majorly, and here is why." And then I had to fix this and tweak that and I eventually decided to put it to a shelf for awhile to wait for a time when I would be ready to write a certain character like an actual human being. Honest feedback is honest :D

  • I'm CRAVING new info on the Adam Lambert Demo Gate'09. Now that probably most of Adam's unauthorized, no-one-has-legal-rights stuff has been published, I'm pretty nervous on what kind of we-have-actual-rights-to-sell-this-nah-nah-nah stuff will surface from the woodwork.
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