May. 30th, 2009

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  • Bandom Big Bang art deadline in two days. Uh...
  • Star Trek today!
  • Chatted with My Ladies last night. Originally we were supposed to just settle the time for the movie, but ended up sharing Adam Lambert fics and talking about porn. Quelle suprese.
  • I got early out of work yesterday, bought myself fresh salmon and smoked cheese and other goodies for the weekend, went home, and coincidentally caught the christian charity food queue (the charity resides in my building). Excuse me, coming through, no, I'm not cutting in line, I'm trying to reach that *other* door there, with my Louis Vuitton and shit. I don't know which part of the situation was ironic and which part was just sad.
  • I have so many fic bunnies! Too bad that most of them are Bunnies Without an Actual Plot, and I don't write strict porn, so. Hmm.
  • I'm at my wits end with my "tag all new American Idol fics" project. To save my sanity, I whip up new tags as I please, including pet_names_whut and writer_says_it_sucks.

    And for your reading pleasure, here is some American Idol fic recs:

  • Life in Hi-Def is TMTH and its companion fic But haven't you noticed you get all your coffee for free? by fakeplasticsnow
    A wonderful take on a loving relationship with one's ex.
  • The Bubble by Rimau Sua Lay
    Allison gets it wrong, and Kris offers his help. And then Danny offers his help. Hilarious.
  • Ten Minutes by cap
    In this, I see Adam's rigorous system of allowing himself time as a masochistic tendency. So, very interesting.
  • Bash by lordnelson100
    A violent moment in time, captured in lovely, detailed Adam voice.
  • Shut up shut up shut up by yeats
    Adam Lambert/David Bowie. Need I say more?
  • SIX REASONS WHY DANNY GOKEY HATES ADAM LAMBERT (in no particular order) by Rimau Sua Lay
    Danny suffers of an unrequited, repressed whatever.
  • the world forgetting by the world forgot by Conditionelle. A sad and weird AU that crab your emotions and refuses to give them back.
  • More by disarm_d
    Adam Lambert/Brendon Urie. This is romantic, and endearing, and hilarious, and Adam's reaction to bad sex is the best ever.
  • the Many Ways to Fall by nightingale_12
    This story has an excellent Kris voice.
  • These guidelines are here for your protection by snowysnake
    Snarky humor, now with sequels!
  • Not a Tame Lion by ruby_fruit
    Adam calculates even a bit too much. I love Brad in this.
  • Juxtaposed by zorabet
    The good boyfriend-thing is getting a bit disconcerting for Brad.
  • Zen by Astolat
    Sex between friends won't necessarily be the end of all. This is my quiet feel-good story.
  • The Winner Takes it All by Astolat
    It's like sex with Adam is the ultimate spring of curing all illnesses. Funny and feels real.
  • In the mirror of invention by Conditionelle.
    This is a bit heavy to read since there are no spoken lines at all, but give it a shot anyway.
  • Unexpectedly Right by gypsy_ophelia
    Adam Lambert/David Archuleta. Archuleta is new in LA, and kinda gay and kinda lonely and would Adam just please stop saying sexuality?!
  • Way Down Inside by wearemany
    Kris dips himself in Adam's life for an evening.
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