May. 19th, 2009

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Only maybe half a year ago it was "known" that a gay guy would never win American Idol, period. Now that is changed. Adam Lambert doesn't even have to win, even the fact that he honestly *can*, despite of being gay, is a great change.

Wanting for something different and edgy, the producers and judges tried so much to set up a final that would have been Danny Gokey versus Adam Lambert, so pretty much the angel vs. demon-final. But guess what? Danny Gokey just wasn’t good enough for his intended role, and as the judges’ praises went further and further from reality, the set-up suffered a backslash. Gokey was voted out, and Kris Allen, originally meant as a canon fodder as much as, say Matt and Anoop and Scott, went to the final. So now we have a finale with demon vs. boy next door.

Adam Lambert can honestly sing. He can be a bit show-tooney, but his over-the-top-ness only makes him more appealing. I like his character; he seems so genuine a person. Anyone can wear eyeliner and black nail polish, but how many can say that playing dress-up is one of his favorite things, or that he likes Rocky Horror Picture Show, Britney Spears, icecream and Gossip Girl?

Adam is the genuine hard working underdog. He has done music theatre work for almost ten years, scraping by, trying to make the ends meet. I think that he deserves the chance that American Idol offers. He isn’t a hand-picked fresh faced twink for the pop machine, he really has worked hard to be where he is.

I love his message: It’s okay to be different. He is the role model for all the teens out there that feel different, that they don’t fit in. His advice is to not care, to embrace ones differences and work hard on the things you love.

I love his leaked internet pictures. Not because they would show him in a particularly appealing light, but because they are so normal. Just pictures of him and his friends dressing up and having fun. And the boyfriend-kissing-pics, they are just like any other pictures of a couple dating. It gives a message how it is not about pretending to be something else. The pictures are full of joy and wonder and happiness at just being part of the world. And how refreshing to have the "scandalous" pictures be about love, and creativity, and individuality instead of about another politician cheating on his spouse or another athlete using banned substances.

America's willingness to vote for someone that ambiguous is a great gesture. The AI producers were not as open minded, though. With all the other contestants, when they were showing their family and friends in earlier pimp snippets, they showed this huge crowd, interacting with the contestant. With Adam, they were like, Here is the father, and here is the mother, period. They show the friends cheering in the audience, but that's it. In no point have they showed Adam in the same picture with his guy friends. I don't think that we have to wonder why.

I like Kris, or as they say, the Pocket Idol. He is very likeable, and his acoustic version of “Heartless” was magnificent. But that's about it, I think. I love him as the under dog of the competition, but his own attitude, the I'm-grateful-to-even-be-here, I-don't-even-mind-not-winning, makes me think that he doesn't really deserve to win.

Career-vise, it doesn’t even matter if Adam wins or not. In the long run, it might even better if he wouldn’t, since people do tend to associate Idol as a dog-and-pony-show and not anything that would produce real artistry. But I’m so emotionally invested in this and I want him to WIN.

I can’t vote in Idol since I live in the other side of the world, but if you can, vote. Vote for the person you like the best, vote for the best performance, or vote as a gesture of acceptance. But be part of it, you’ll probably won’t regret it.


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