May. 13th, 2009

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Guess who got up at six a.m. to catch the American Idol performances before going to work? And now there is no-one to squee about it! At work there is only one other following the show and she doesn't want to be spoiled as the show is shown with a week delay in here :/

I think that Adam didn't exceed his previous songs, but that might be because the song choices were such crowd smootching. Simon implied that he had personally asked Bono if Adam could perform One! The not-exceeding might make him lose the casual votes, but that might be balanced by the smooching song choices. But! We'll get a long studio version of Adam singing One!! :D :D :D

IMHO, he would have done better with songs like "American Woman" instead of Crying. But I love him anyway and not only want him to succeed, I want him to WIN. Horay for Simon for reminding people that you can't assume that the front runner just sails to the finals, he needs people to vote for him just as much as the other dudes.

Also, you know what would be a great song for Adam? Sugar We're Going Down. (!!!) It would never get cleared, but just think about it. That song is freaking difficult to sing perfectly. Adam, please beg Simon to call Patrick Stump for clearing it to the finals. It would make my life.

And check this nice article: Behind the 'Idol' curtain: 3 finalists, 3 days, zero rest

Their outfit budged is 800 dollars a night, only that Adam would need it to be more ;) Also, Danny Gokey comes out as a decent dude, who would have figured. Adam is very polite: "We are very differentm so we agree to disagree." Different? Really? ;)
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Let me introduce you to this super fun and up-beat song: Adam Lambert - Kiss and Tell:

(Don't be fooled by the odd opening pic, the vid is full of nice pretty boy images.) This is.. I don't even know what genre. Electronica? Gay disco? And the lyrics are about how fun it it to have free sex :) Anyway, it's fun and cute and I love it.

And here is the mp3:



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