May. 10th, 2009

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So, the [ profile] kradam_ai community is pretty much a crap fest. Anyone surprised raise your hand now.


Yeah. Okay. But at least they win at enthusiasm.

Has anyone else noticed that there is a new crowd in fandomish stuff, who don't "play by the rules"? There is nothing wrong with new people not knowing how, say, fic communities work, but I have now for some time bumped to people who are not interested in learning.

Okay, here is an example: I just had to be the critique bitch again, with this gem. It's not about the fic this time, it's about the writer's attitude.
    I kinda like it, but here comes the "but."

    Why did you have to post it right away? In the middle of the night, unbetaed? Was it so important to you that you just couldn't wait, or did you just not care? You say it yourself that "I shouldn't have posted, let alone write in this state, but I did. Oh well. Haha." In other words, you say you *know* the ficlette was flawed, but whatever, you don't care.

    Going the "unbetaed, don't hate me, LOL" -route is kinda of lazy way to do it, don't you think? I see potential, so why didn't you place your best effort? Do you think it's respectful towards this community to post fics that are not the authors best effort?

    I'm sorry if I sound too harsh, that is not my intention. My intention is get my point through. Because first telling to the reader that the fic is *not* the best that you can deliver, and basically that you don't even care that it isn't, and then asking only nice critique? I'm sensing a bikini girl here.

(The bikini girl is a reference to one particular Hollywood Week contestant of this AI season.)

Who are these people who are like, "LOL, I don't care if it's crap"? Where do they come from? (Well, this one comes from Finland...) It is possible that American Idol is a phenomenon that brings completely new people in, without a clear concept of fandom, but this time, I don't think that's it.


She actually answered my comment before deleting the whole entry:
    Because I'm up and because inspiration hit, but mostly because I wanted to. It's going to be flawed no matter what. Nothing, especially a short "tester" fic is going to be perfect. I haven't written in ages, it's a new style, and this isn't my usual pairing, so of course it's not going to be fantastic. Of course it's going to be sub-par, but how else can I improve?

    I'm not being lazy, LOL!!1!! I've never used a beta and I probably never will. It's just my way of saying if there are things that I don't catch than I apologise because I have no one to look over it.
    I don't feel it's disrespectful, no. Because I never said it wasn't my best effort. At this moment in time it was. Is it what I am capable of? No. I've certainly done better, but that doesn't mean anything.

    No. I meant nice as in don't be a total asshole as in don't just throw shit out there, as in THINK about what you're going to say.
    I'm sensing someone who doesn't read carefully and seems to be judging before they know anything.
    Not to sound to harsh. :]

And I answered back (which she didn't have the time to receive since she had deleted the entry while I was writing the comment)

    Okay, so this is a difference in views, nothing else. I guess I'm old school (If you come to this summer's Finncon in Helsinki, you'll probably learn how old school...) , but I have learned to always aim for the best. As I see it, the unbetaed stuff, writing for the sake of writing, goes to fic memes and writer's own lj, not to communities because that wouldn't be respectful towards the community. I see that posting in a community is about the community, not about "because I want to".

    Your view seems to be that it's ok to post unbetaed, spur-of-the-moment stuff if you only note to the reader that hey, don't go here expecting the next [ profile] astolat. So, a difference in opinions. For future reference, maybe it would be more fruitful to place a "Warning: Pure indulgement" instead of "so don't hate me too much. :]" in the author's notes to inform about the style of the fic.
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Title: Camaraderie
Author: Emmuzka
Rating: R
Pairing: American Idol, Adam Lambert/Danny Gokey
Summary: You want to stop, say it, right now.
Warnings: Angst, hate speech.
Notes: Adam’s quote is from the movie The Graduate (1967). Also, this is my first American Idol fic O_O

The first rule of the competition: You do not talk about the competition )


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