Apr. 7th, 2009

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Remember when I purchased stuff from EBTM.com, received wrong items, and never got a hold of the company because they had gone belly up? No?

Anyway. So, I sent the wrong stuff back and made a detailed reclamation to my credit card company, offering a receipt of the shipped return package and a copy of the original order list (and at this point I noticed that the sum charged from my credit card had mysteriously grown over ten pounds from what the total was in the order list.) The credit card company believed me and took the credit loss from the wrong items and the mystery charge.

And after that, guess what. The wrong stuff came back! There had been no-one to receive it in the other end, so the postal service returned it to me. Nice. I never got what I wanted, but I got the wrong stuff instead, and it only cost me the 20 euros that it cost to send the return package in the first place.

But here is the reason for this post: EBTM is back!. With a new owner! And old contact info that doesn't work! Okay, they *had* some new info, like informing that if you never received anything, well, tough shit, not the new owner's fault. But! If you were treated badly, we can give you a 15 pounds gift coupon! Yay!

Um, the probability of me ordering anything again from the said store are pretty slim, but for shit and giggles, I wrote to their new customer service email addy to complain. 15 pounds coupon might change my mind about ordering. And then -tah dah!- The new customer service email addy doesn't work, either!

How can they suck this bad? It's close to art, their suckgage.


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