Feb. 28th, 2009

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I *love* Being human. The first episodes of it just stood on my hard drive for ages because I was reluctant to view them. (Keeping company to the Dollhouse pilot.) I had loved the pilot movie and knowing that two out of three main character actors were changed almost put me off from the series altogether, but last night I finally watched it all, sans the last episode that will be aired tomorrow.

I love George the werewolf. He is the character who would be whumped in the fanfic if there would be more fanfic about the series. And do the writers know it, with the "and your little dog too" -jabs. When Mitchell the vampire broods broods broods, George just suffers and screams like a girl.

The only weak thing in the series is that most of the women figures are so poor. Annie the ghost is too girly and whiny and poor, and I can only wish that her character will develop in the next season (that was just announced! Yay!). The only woman vampire in the series was probably supposed to be a kind of wild card, unstable and playing in her own rules, but psh! Who would care about her? There is one realistic and strong woman character, but I think that I have spoiled you enough already.

And for shit and giggles: People pre-ordering Being Human are also ordering Twilight. WTF? I can't think of any vampire-themed things that would be farer away from each other in genre than the two.


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