Jan. 11th, 2009

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On a bout of random, instead of my regular food I bought this huge slab of raw meat, with bones and skin and all, and a bag of carrots to go with it. A good thing that the meat factory believes in consumer helplessness since I actually found a recipe on the pre-packed meat. And a good thing that it's a sunday since three hours would be otherwise a rather lengthy time to wait for the dinner to get done.

And now for a bit of nostalgia. When I was a teen, I was the token fat kid of the class. I think that I was the token fat kid of the school, too, and as it came to the clothes, it felt like I was the only token fat kid of the whole fucking city.

This was a time before chain stores offered plus size clothes in Finland. The only places offering plus sizes were specialized XL stores, that asked ridiculously high prices and only offered styles that went for women over forty. The other place were the home shopping catalogs, where you might have found a few large clothes if you were lucky. I wasn't even *that* big, about European 52, or American 4X, but there simply wasn't clothes for young people that big, then, for any price. I guess that people that size learned to sew their own clothes or something.

Because of this, I have an existing obsession for jeans. Jeans were the garment that no plus size store or home shopping catalog offered. I remember one time when the teenager me had been promised by my mom that I could go buy jeans of any price.. and I couldn't find a pair that would have fit me. I searched the whole city through, and no place offered a pair that would have fit. Traumatic for a teen, no? Later I found and ordered this one model straight from the factory through a specialized jeans store, always the same model, until the line was discontinued. Those jeans cost like a bitch, 400 Finnish Marks, which was a huge price then. (Lewis 501, which were seen as the height of the current fashion then, cost 300 Finnish Marks.) But, there were no alternatives, outside going to school wearing some kind of stretched cotton jersey lounge wear.

Anyway, I think that my youth build up my affinity to plus sized jeans. If I ever see a pair that fits and is even somehow reasonably priced, I'll have to buy them. Especially now, when the current skinny-jeans fashion has mutated even the plus size jeans ill-fitting for us big-hipped, pear-assed ones, I'll just have to buy all models that fit. It costs money, but what is money in the end, when I'll get to soothe my inner teen, anxious to find the next pair of jeans before her only ones worn out to nothing.


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