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I have so deserved this weekend.

Part of my job is doing media monitoring. Thankfully we buy the service that does the actual searching for us. Anyway, this morning I started my day noticing that no media hits had registered during the night. Our oh-so-lovely subcontractor had accidentally deleted our whole account, which meant that only did I not receive the hits that I desperately needed by certain deadlines today, they had also wiped out all the set search parameters and all archived hits. OOPS.

So I used my day doing the most immediate monitoring by hand, which means going through every important newspaper's online versions and crossing my fingers in hopes that I wouldn't miss anything too relevant.

The subcontractor used their day with digging up our information from their backup hard drives and annoying me with their phone calls. For example, together we found out that the backup system had not only lost the newest search parameters set, but also searches in completely random fashion.

My work; not really that hard, but sometimes really, really annoying.

Also, a random fact that I learned today: Listening my iPod, the bass sounds better when I have my mouth closed.
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My camera broke down and my computer screen broke down and I have no money until Friday :(

But! I'll get a used flat screen from a relative tomorrow (from the year 2000! ...they actually had flat screens in 2000?) and there is two weeks left in my camera's warranty! :D

Kris Allen's single Live Like We're Dying was released today. Um. No comment? Sounds pretty mediocre to me. I really hope that it becomes a radio hit but it just doesn't do anything for me. But that's a risk when the album has to be made as quickly as possible; they bought a ready song and Kris doesn't even play guitar himself. They literally didn't have the time to arrange that. But let's hope all the best for the song. I could be wrong and the country-ish vibe sinks right to the American audience. What do I know, I grew up listening euro trash.
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Oh fuck me! I'm so stupid, ARGH!

A little over a year ago I bought a year-long membership to this gym. Yeah, didn't go so well, dropped it after a few months, but of course I had to pay for a full year.

Yesterday I checked my bank account, and suprise, the direct payments from my account for the health club were still running. Today I called to them to ask when the hell my membership was supposed to expire again, only to learn that hey, my year-long membership hadn't been a fixed-term contract after all, but it automatically continued with a month's term of notice.

The fuckers presented the membership as fixed-term, and them, by law, should expire automatically. But that had been just faking, the automatic continuation reads in the fucking first row in the agreement paper. And the paper I had or course displaced somewhere.

So now I have to pay 200 Euros for nothing! fuckers! So that's were all my money went!
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Last night was the last American Idol live tour concert. Due to the time difference and me going to work at 7.00 AM I totally missed the cell cast and party posts and shit, oh noes. :( But all the feel good in ONTD_AI and collected pics and media in Gossip Candy makes up for it. And of course I have my RL slash fiends to squee with :)

American Idol Season 8 is now over, but we still have the stars that the television show brewed. We'll have individual Kris and Adam, but not canon kradam that much. But I believe that even though the public material might not show it, the friendship of Adam and Kris is real and a friendship like that just doesn't go away when the limelight turns away.

I have every intention to watch Season 9 from the first episode, even though it has a snowball's chance in hell to be as good and as personally enjoyable as the last one. I both love and hate the Idol machine. For example, in this year there were only 2 black persons and 2 other ethnic persons in Top 13. Why? Because they had a blind dude and an obviously gay guy to fill the minority slots. What's next? The one-armed man? (Only that the gay guy ended up being the next big thing that they were looking for, and against all the producer effort, the canon fodder nice guy ended up winning the whole deal.)

In a few weeks comes Kris single, and Adam's single, and Adam's other single, and all the promotional hoopla. And then come the albums and in January Season 9 starts... I love my fandom. I'm not even near enough wanting to move forward <3

p.s. I had my first live model drawing course session last night, and man, we all totally suck.

: )

Sep. 12th, 2009 02:36 pm
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This is both a test post and an announcement that I have started LJ/Dreamwidth cross-posting, yay!

Username is the same, commenting is allowed in both journals. If you have a Dreamwidth account, friend me :)
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Okay, and again I'm at this, but hey, what kind of comment is "Please write more"? I have wondered this. And with this fic as an example, I can see clearly what it is all about.

(Note that in her original notes, she wrote "I do NOT abandon fics when I know people like it, so if you like this, please comment!". Later she changed it to "Feedback is welcomed, comments are love, and hope you enjoy!")

In [livejournal.com profile] kradam_ai, people are commenting pretty much every fic out there, and with carbon copy comments, because of the fear that otherwise the author might abandon the fic. It's irritating that this kind of fanfiction.net -style blackmail has moved in with AI fandom. I thought that that kind of immature bahavior was left behind in fandom, but I guess I was wrong. And the worst thing aren't the authors who do that, but that instead of bitchslapping the author for her attempted blackmail, the readers go along with it.

I know the canned response that I will probably receive from the author, if any (edit: she didn't respond.): What would be the point in continuing if there is no proof that anyone reads of enjoys it? Well, yes, but what about the people who will find your fic a year after this? You thought that you could leave them hanging just because you didn't receive enought praise then?

And because I want to, I publish here a a comment thread that I started in the entry I linked above, that, quelle suprse, got deleted. (Granted, we both gave the author a permission to do that.) It's basically the same thing that I wrote above, so feel free to skip. )

Ha. When I previously bitched and moaned about [livejournal.com profile] kradam_ai, my friends advised me to slowly back away. I was like, "I can't! I'm emotionally invested!" And now some of these same friends are embracing the same fandom and they totally understand why we don't leave :)

And for the fun of it: The author of this is 25 and she tells her info page that she LOVES ENGLISH AND IS VERY BOOKISH WANNA BE DIRECTOR/WRITER. Well, good luck with that. Maybe you should start with putting spaces between characters?


Aug. 27th, 2009 06:12 pm
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For some reason, during the night, my computer lost all of its display settings and reverted to the shittiest possible screen resolution. Now I have tried to set the old settings back, but no such luck. My screen is those couple year old cheap flat screens that pretend to be wide screen but are instead some ridiculous non-standard size. So it doesn't help that the screen helpfully asks me to change my resolution to 1400 X 900, a that is not an option. I order the computer to detect the screen and it goes bonkers.

Now I have tried for an hour to find a resolution that doesn't stretch the image and shows text clear enough, and all I got is headache and a pissy mood for squinting at the screen.

Hmmm. How much regular sized displays cost nowadays? I have a sudden urge to buy a new one...
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Yay! I won [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai's first soundtrack contest :D

this way in )
But the funny thing in this is that I have never done a fandom-related or any kind of music mix in my life. First time for everything, right?
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Why haven't I seen this before?

And yes, that's Adrian Pasdar from Heroes.
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(Please don't use the pic above as a reference, it was done in twenty minutes. Bad advertising, I know!)

I'm offering fan art for donations. You want a picture of a scene in your favorite fic, or your own fic? A picture of your favorite AI singer, or your role playing character, or even yourself as a character? A mascot?

Step in to check the offering (ONE PICTURE NC-17) )
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The cutest Adam Lambert interview for a long time:

He looks so beautiful, yet tired. If I would have the skills, I could make an lj mood theme based solely on this vid. The guy has almost no filter; you just press play and let him talk, and that's a show. No editing, no cutting swear words out, no "that's a stupid question"-notions from his side.

It's getting awkward to read how the interviewers get butthurt if it's Adam's day off from the press junket. Not that I care about the press people's feelings, but I'm wondering if they can keep it corked while interviewing the other Top 10 idols.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come: There are actual good fic produced steadily in AI fandom right now.

Here, look:

Also, be sure to check Rolling Stone's new Adam & Kris pics, they are absolutely wonderful! Kradam Gold!

Other AI-related thing that's pretty interesting: Adam Lambert decided to jump in the charity work bus, but being a sensible person, he didn't just develop a foundation from nowhere but instead chose an already up and running charity. The charity is DonorsChoose.org, which collects money for different school-related projects. The thing is that the giver can choose an individual project and also get updates on how things are going. It's all very transcendent, and tax-reducible if you live in USA.

To make people donate, they created a competition between different Adam fan groups. The winner will get a chat with Adam and what else. But what is interesting in this is the different strategies the groups are collecting money. For example, Gossip Candy, outside just asking people to donate, will soon open a Caffe Press store with the proceeding going to the charity. She will also put into auction some really nifty Adam-related pieces like accessories (from the same maker that made the looks-like-a-cock-ring-with-bondage-straps -glove, that was actually made of actual cock ring and bondage straps.)

But, "my" fan group ontd_ai has a completely different strategy: Their rule is that all private money collecting or selling stuff is forbidden. All donations are to be given straight to the charity. This sounds a bit restricted, but think about it: Have you ever heard about the scams where fan people have collected money for one purpose or another, and then one with the money has mysteriously disappeared? Or a person tells a story about her stolen this-or-that and people give her money without asking proof? If a private person auctions off something for charity, how do we know that the money ends up where it is promised? I think that it's a great idea that [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai_gives encourages only for straight, individual donating. It's a pre-emptive maneuver against wankery.

You want to help some kids that have the back luck of being raised in the American school system? Support Adam's charity? For shit and giggles? No minimum amount, and it's all tax-reducible if you live in USA. Here is the link, using this link to donate makes your donation counted in ontd_ai's "account": DonorsChoose.org Adam's Challenge

Mega Drama

Aug. 20th, 2009 11:18 am
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I can't believe this. A bunch of people who felt entitled with their oppinions, wanted [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai to be changed back to its roots, meaning more hate and less love, all-fanfic-is-bad, and generally more anarchy in the house.

And what did they do? Instead of openly working to change the community, they created a conspiracy with some of the com mods to change it, introducing hate posts, trying to get appreciation posts banned and finally, banning all fan fic. After the fanfic ban, one of the mods posted a poll asking the members' oppinion on the issue, and 84% wanted the fic. Did we get it back? No.

Fandom Wank, here we come!

[livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai was the only com that I know that managed to successfully (or so I thought) mash up happy fandom love, snarky fandom hate, general fan activity and fan fiction fandom. Now it looks like it did not succeed. In the long run, maybe it's better that fan fiction was driven away, now there is hope that the fan fic people will negotiate their own way and culturate AI fic to better.

But will [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai cut the love and go back to the [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt -style hate? I hope not, because where would I go then? Definitely not to Idol Forum, that's a snake pit.

Edit: Two mods who apologized, three resigned. Long live the [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai... I guess.

AI Recs

Aug. 16th, 2009 02:22 pm
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Not-so-insta rec: It's a New Dawn by [livejournal.com profile] winterlive. Zachary Quinto/Adam Lambert, NC-17.
PWP with a plot, what the hell. So good! Go! Read!
(I'm looking at you, [livejournal.com profile] ainaria)

Apples Are not the Only Fruit by [livejournal.com profile] bexless
Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, NC-17. Local woman wins pie contest! Adam Lambert assists. An AU.

Stillness of the Memory (of what you had) (community-locked) by [livejournal.com profile] streetsofphilly
Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, NC-17. This is a bit problematic one, but still, in the name of recommending fics that everyone and their dog hasn't already; As the characters are at some points (wildly) out of character, the story is an interesting divorce piece.

Little Lies by [livejournal.com profile] phaballa
David Cook, Adam&Kris. Adult. It comes as a surprise to him when he realizes that he very strongly dislikes Adam Lambert. He maybe even hates the guy. He looks at Lambert in his stupid eyeliner and even stupider outfits, watches him on TV every week and thinks, that guy is such a fucking douche.

More Myself with You by [livejournal.com profile] jerakeen.
The "Kris divorces and then it takes a couple of years to see Adam in a new light, he advances, eventually Adam succumbs" -plot is starting to develop to a fandom standard, but a what a marvelous standard it is.
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Stuff that I promised to share today:

  • Link to the excellent Stranded On the Desert Island fic: If It Kills Me (Kradam, NC-17) by [livejournal.com profile] buffyx.

  • Upload link to Adam's acoustic version of Starlight.

    Today arrived some stuff:

    This is my Pennyroyal signature collection pendant, designated by Adam Lambert blah blah. I got 023/100. It's actually pretty big. And pretty. :D

    And now to the WTF category; this is a goat skin that I bought from IKEA while I was in Germany. Apparently, they do have country-specific specialties in IKEA. Now I only have to figure out what the hell to do with it.
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    Hehe, here is the Michael Sarver Fan video:

    I'm kind of addicted in participating these? You can spot me, plus two horrible sound bytes in Finnish ;)

    I'm also participating ontd_ai's fake movie trailer contest, but dunno what I will be ending up with since the iMovie program that I'm using? Not so good. At all. Or, I just don't know how to use it the best way. But the project is waiting me at home!

    Speaking of going home... I caught a flu from over-zealous airing of the guest room, and now I'm trying to get better (or at least to be able to FAKE better) since I'm supposed to fly home in Thursday and people *really don't like* any kind of flu, pig or otherwise, in European airports at the moment.
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    I'm chilling in Germany :) I'm visiting my sister and her family who live near Nurnberg. The whole little village is so stereotypically German that it's hilarious. All living is supposed to be so freaking eco-friendly, but you'll need two cars to get anywhere. Getting rid of your trash is like an art form, because the recycling fees are o high. Only this year the local administration ruled that children over one year but younger than three are eliglible for kindergarten. So there is now an actual opportunity for women with children to work - at least untill your kids start school, after which the families are again left on their own trying to deal with kids without provided afternoon care.

    My sis has an internet connection, but there is no broadband. There is none awailable! In the middle of Europe! And there is like a queue to the computer all the time, so I'm checking things out with my cell phone, too. The data transmission costs 15 cents for 50k, so it costs something like one Euro to refresh my friends page. To be paid by my employer. Do I care? No, I don't care.

    Last year, when I visited, my visit was in the middle of a heat wave, so the currrent 24 degrees Celcius is like a cool fresh summer day compared to last the year's 34C. It's so pleasant in here.

    Also, this is a land of ticks. The summer house gest living in the backroom is going tomorrow to get the meds for borreliosis. O_O

    Just before I left, I decided to participate in the [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai's Fake AI movie trailer contest. I'm so eager to get my project finished on time, even when I have a measly couple of days left when I'll get back. My first vid ever! And even when I have a nice iMovie program, I don't know exately how to use it. The tutorial is basically useless. But I'll hope I'll get something done because I'm so stoked about it. :D
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